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Letter From the 7x24 Exchange Student Club at Cal Poly

Hi All,

We are excited to announce that we have started the first 7x24 Exchange Student Chapter at Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo! We have recently gotten chartered with campus and are ready to move forward. Our goal as an organization is to create a symbiotic partnership between Cal Poly engineering students and members of the mission critical industry. As many of you know, the mission critical industry is in need of talented young engineers who are looking to work on the forefront of Data Technologies. We feel that Cal Poly SLO, with its excellent engineering program and hands-on approach, produces the perfect candidates to fill those positions. The issue up until now has been the disconnect between these two groups, with neither side able to effectively reach out to the other. We aim to remedy this problem by providing an organization that can help bridge the gap and create a relationship between the mission critical industry and engineering students here at Cal Poly. We firmly believe that establishing this relationship will offer substantial benefits for both sides, as well as help advance the industry as a whole.

First Meeting/ Meeting Format

We are currently in the process of setting up our first official meeting. With finals and the end of the quarter approaching, we are shooting for the beginning of next quarter, in mid-January. As of now, we have three club officers and an interest list of over 50 students. Our plan is to have each of our meetings focused on one sponsoring company from the industry. The majority of the meeting will be a presentation from members of the sponsoring company, giving students some insight on what they do and discussing any exciting new projects they are working on. At the end of the meeting, if the company wishes to do so, they could chat with students and potentially set up interviews. We feel this approach to our meetings would be very beneficial to both the students and the industry members. As students ourselves, we can say with confidence that meetings like these would get kids very excited to come hear from a company and get a chance to land an internship or full-time job. As for the industry members, it would be an excellent way to get students interested in their company and possibly find future employees. Sponsoring companies would have an audience full of talented young engineers with an interest in the industry, all of whom would be very excited to get a chance to land a job. Although this is the meeting format we see working best at the moment, we would love to hear feedback from industry members and are very open to suggestions.

Field Trip to Vantage Data Centers

In other news, we recently had our first field trip on November 11th to Vantage Data Centers in Santa Clara. The trip was a huge success, and we got highly positive feedback from all that attended. One student who attended, Jack Gallegos, told us, “I had a really great time on the field trip and thought it was a very eye-opening experience to see another side of computing (the server side) that we don't usually see. It was also really cool seeing all the different branches of engineering come together to create a really neat system.”

We would like to give a huge thank you to Warren McCarty, Rich Garrison, Dr. Dennis Derickson, our faculty advisor Dr. Steffen Peuker, and all the others who made the field trip happen. We are really grateful to have been able to offer such an awesome experience to some of our members!


Since we are starting this club from the ground up, there are certainly some costs involved with bringing the club to its full potential. The success of this program will rely heavily on the help we get from our sponsors.

Here are several forms of sponsorship that we will be offering:

  • Meeting sponsors: As mentioned before, our intention is to hold club meetings that are sponsored by companies in the industry.
  • T-Shirt sponsors: We are currently planning our first official club T-shirt, and if you are willing to donate we would love to print your company logos on the back.  
  • Field Trip sponsors: With the success of our recent trip to Vantage Data Centers, we intend on making these field trips a recurring element of our club.
  • General sponsorship/donations: These funds will go towards general club expenses such as club advertisement and campus expenses.

If your company would like to be a sponsor, please contact us at cp7x24president@gmail.com.  

Industry Input

As we stated earlier, we want this club to be beneficial to both students here at Cal Poly as well as industry members. With that being said, we would love to hear what you, the industry members, would like to get from this organization. We are very open to any comments and suggestions about what we have in place now, as well any additional ideas of what you’d like to see in the future.

We look forward to working with you as this student chapter evolves!


7x24 Student Club Officers

Collin Richardson and Cory Frederickson (President and Vice President) 

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